Bid for West Cornwall to become and International Dark Sky Reserve continues

Posted on: 9th August 2019

Bid for West Cornwall to become and International Dark Sky Reserve continues, after a well attended and largely positive public consultation event. At that event we had 62 forms completed and 61 were wanting to support the bid.

The next step on the journey is to engage with Stakeholders so, could that be you? Stakeholders are businesses, organisations and significant land owners who might either have concerns about the bid or recognise the value of dark skies to our local area and want to support us in achieving the designation. So, this next step is not for householders and individuals although if you did miss out, you can still have your say, up until the end of August here

What’s this dark sky bid all about?  This link gives you some background if you have not heard anything about the bid.

********NB Booking link in caption below the screenshot of the invite *********

To book your place click the link here (not in the screenshot above): Booking through Eventbrite

For this bid to succeed, we need stakeholders willing to write a letter showing how and why they support this bid and by attending the event, you will be able to assist with that. We also need a few stakeholders who share our passion for the Dark Skies we have and want to ensure they are protected, to be willing to commit to running outreach events, perhaps 1 a year or every 18 months or so. Again, find out more by coming along.