Your Chance to Comment on Cornwall Garden Services Ideas to Relocate to Leswidden

Posted on: 18th April 2021

Your chance to comment on Cornwall Garden Services ideas to relocate to Leswidden, before they finalise and submit a fresh planning application. As a Cornwall Councillor, I would not normally get involved in pre planning stages or get myself in any way associated with active planning applications. So, why have I decided to do so now?

Building with Nature not against it should be the way forward, with any planning application, but how do we achieve that?

The truth is that the ideas and possible offers on this application appear very different to the last refused application and is made by the younger generation of the family, looking to take over the business and take it in a different direction. To give him credit, he has been asking me what he can offer our community as part of the move and what he can do to convince the local community this is different to the last application.

Whilst I have offered him no promises on the outcome, he has shown me he is willing to listen to advice and feedback and act on it. To this end, he is offering a public consultation on his ideas and has told me he has already made contact with immediate neighbours. I asked him whether he would like me to try to get the wider community aware of his ideas and possible proposals and he agreed, saying he wanted as much feedback as possible before submitting the plans.

Likelihood is, with elections on May 6, that this application will not formally enter the system until after I am no longer a Cornwall Councillor so, without offering my blessing or scorn, I invite you to look at his ideas and let HIM have your comments, positive, negative or just ideas to improve it.

This letter is from Luke McFadden and gives his contact details. CGS proposed facility