Winding Down & Getting Away

Posted on: 24th August 2016
Wadebridge Folk Festival

Wadebridge Folk Festival

Winding down & getting away is the main focus of the next 24 hours. Today I have been cleaning the campervan, washing, ironing and packing as we are off to Wadebridge Folk festival. Any burglars reading this, before you get too excited, family will be house sitting and taking care of all our animals!

When I come back, I shall be helping Nathan Billings in his campaign to become the 44th LibDem on the Council and then pondering next year when I will be coming to you to discover whether I have done a good enough job for you to put your faith in me again.

Unlike 2013, I know what being a Councillor of Cornwall Council involves, warts and all. I know the possible, the impossible, the challenging and frustrating! I want to come to you to find out your hopes for the future of St Just, Pendeen and surrounding hamlets. I am thinking of standing for Town Council as well as Cornwall Council next year and think with more joined up collaboration there are great opportunities for us, through devolution. We will need ambition though …..but hey, lets re-charge my batteries first!

A reminder whilst I’m away, if you see something that you feel needs reporting in to Cornwall Council then visit my home page to find out how!