Useful Information Sources in Cornwall for COVID-19

Posted on: 17th March 2020
Cornish choughs

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I am conscious there is much mis-information going around but that people need reliable places to get information.

Cornwall Council is going to step up it’s circulation of information and they have a dedicated page on their website with all sorts of links. The screenshot below shows the nature of that page and the link to it is below.

Link to Cornwall Council Information Page


Many Businesses are going to be wondering how they survive this so Government information for them is HERE

A safe way for those wanting to help connecting with those that need help is Volunteer Cornwall (link below) who are being supported and in Partnership with our local NHS. I am aware of many communities wanting to set up informal arrangements and 99% of those are well intentioned and wonderful. Trouble is that tiny minority of individuals who will exploit this situation and befriend and defraud our most vulnerable. So, for communities, I think acting collectively in streets, very small communities where you all know each other is fine, but I’m a little anxious about wider informal groupings introducing strangers to each other, without checks. STAY SAFE out there.

Volunteer Cornwall connecting volunteers with those needing help, at this difficult time

Finally, many community facilities are closing their doors – locally the Centre of Pendeen is shutting, our Miner’s Chapel and the Library is restricted although that may well change to closed soon.