Trewellard’s Mineshaft

Posted on: 3rd July 2021

If you have ventured along the coast road to Trewellard then you will have notice traffic control and high fences. Unless on foot, bicycle or a passenger, you might not have managed to see what is going on. I’ll give you the end of the story, it is a huge great mineshaft, before going back to the beginning!

Trewellard, Mineshaft, roadworks

Mineshaft revealed by the road at Trewellard

Well, the story begins way back in 2018, I think. I was contacted by a resident, in my role as local Cornwall Councillor, and told of a small hole that had opened on the lane/ track to her home which she was told was a mineshaft. She does not own the track and when she bought the house, the owner could not be identified, but at the time they did not worry about that. Now they were concerned and hoping the Council might deal with the problem.

Well, that was the start of many email exchanges with various Council Officers in various departments and many more conversations with the resident. One conversation comes back to me in particular, now I can see the extent of the shaft. When the Council were resistant to dealing with the problem, I highlighted the fact it was right at the edge of the road and, as a mineshaft had opened up not so long ago, just across the road, there was a good chance there were workings under the road. In another conversation, after they had agreed to take responsibility but the timescale seemed distinctly dreckly, I remember pointing out that the bus stop was immediately adjacent, and (heaven forbid) if the road gave way, that could be an big issue. Now I can see the extent of the problem I can see that the potential really was there to swallow the bus and all on board!

The photo probably is not that brilliant but it already does extend on the highway so my judgement was right on, and I’m not sure they have finished excavating yet, as I think they have to reach firm ground. I do feel sorry for those nearby affected but, I suppose this is a hazard of this wonderful place we have chosen to live.