Town Vitality Fund – Developing St Just Town Vision and Implementation Plan

Posted on: 26th June 2022

Town Vitality Fund – Developing St Just Town Vision and Implementation Plan, initial engagement phase took place last week, with many running local businesses, residents from within the town and the wider Parish getting involved.

Although the initial engagement period has passed, there will be more opportunities to have your say

If folk are wondering how this came about then the starting point was a bid to the Town Vitality Fund  through which the Town Council obtained £50,000, conditional on them setting up a Steering Group and appointing specialist Consultants. A very brief summary of what our appointed Consultants (LDA Design) will work with us to achieve is:

To prepare a Vision and Implementation Plan for the future of St Just Town Centre. Utilising the collective local knowledge and previous studies and reports1, along with the consultant team’s expertise, a St Just Town Centre Vision and Implementation Plan document should be prepared; bringing together a holistic vision for the town centre, which reflects its unique characteristics and ambitions and provides practical recommendations to address issues identified over many years.

1 – refers to Lands End Area Forum Vision, our Neighbourhood Plan and other recent surveys and statistics.

If you did not get to speak with the team last week, many people did so it is likely points you wanted to raise, did come up. They will work with the Steering Group, Town Council and others as necessary, to come up with a draft plan and then that will be available for people to check and comment on before finalisation. It is hoped we will be helped to access funding to deal with some of those issues that just keep popping up!