Town Parking Review & Consultation Affects Nearby Penzance

Posted on: 15th November 2016

Town Parking Review & Consultation affects nearby Penzance most directly but of course it will have an impact on the lives of people in St Just and Pendeen.  I am told that this is a genuine consultation and if some or all of Penzance do not want it it will not go ahead. My thoughts are the people who live on those streets should have the most influence but I know that people from St Just and Pendeen will feel they are doing no harm parking on residential streets during the day and have perhaps done it for years.

This blog is not to influence people one way or the other but to encourage people to have their say AND explore parking options. I also want to put some records straight as Laurence Reed and the press do love to Cornwall Council bash and the classic here is that this is purely about getting money in. I suppose I am reasonably satisfied, from what I’ve seen and heard that this will be delivered to those residential areas who are asking for it and no wider so I do not believe all areas being consulted on in Penzance will go ahead.

The harsh financial realities are that the Government is gradually cutting the grant to our Council (and all Councils) so that we will receive no general funds from them by 2020. They say that from 2020, we have to raise any money we want to spend on roads, our Fire Service, adult social care, safeguarding children, food safety, libraries, leisure centres etc etc from the people of Cornwall. In the past, the money the Council has had to raise locally, largely through Council tax, has been the icing on our spending cake but the Government will not be providing the cake for us to ice! So yes, the Council will have to generate income, somehow and if residents want a parking scheme, it will have to pay for itself.

So, back to the parking review and consultation. This first link will give you some background into why resident parking schemes are being proposed in Penzance. Background to Parking Consultation.

Next I’ll provide a link of the proposals, based on the initial consultation and after reading them people can answer an on-line questionnaire or email in their thoughts to

7 Town Parking Proposals and Consultation

So, if you know people that live on these streets in Penzance then encourage them to have their say. If you work in Penzance or visit regularly then have your say. Don’t leave it to others to put your views across.

My final point is to give an alternative, should your favourite parking spot end up unavailable to you. If you work in Penzance so have to park there 5 days a week then a season ticket allowing you to park in any of the car parks as much as you like might be the answer. It works out as about £1 per working day and of course you could still use it at weekends with your family and in the evenings to enjoy entertainment there. So, find out about Penzance Season Ticket Parking Options.  There are a variety of season ticket options so you can consider which would be best for you, if you park regularly in Penzance.