Time to step up for Political Change

Posted on: 30th August 2023

Time for Change; Next General Election Vote Andrew George

Time to step up for Political Change because without St Ives Liberal Democrats having more money, volunteers (all sorts of jobs) and Members we will not get a different M.P. I respect that not everyone who wants Political Change locally and Nationally will be keen supporters of the Liberal Democrats BUT, in the St Ives constituency, under First Past the Post, this seat has always been Conservative or Liberal Democrat so a vote for any other candidate will not be a vote for the winner here.

So, if you want to help Andrew George win visit the constituency website and sign up to help out in whatever way you can. St Ives Liberal Democrats The only thing I’d suggest you do not do on that website is use the donate button as the money goes to LibDem HQ and we have not worked out how we get it back! Instead email the Office or me for the local Constituency Bank details. Using the donate button on this website does go to St Ives LibDems, via PayPal.

Team campaigning with Andrew George in Helston

I am slowly trying to organise some local campaigning in the Land’s End area BUT need many more volunteers willing to speak with voters or deliver leaflets. There are also data entry and admin opportunities for those shy of speaking to folk!