What are your thoughts on the Cornish Language?

Posted on: 12th October 2016

What are your thoughts on the Cornish Language?

A PhD student at the University of Wales Trinity, St David in Lampeter is asking individuals, institutions and companies in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to fill a questionnaire (27 questions; 10-15 minutes) about their opinion on the Cornish language and it’s use.

Regardless of whether you support or are against investment in the language and whether or not you speak Cornish (a little or fluently), your views are essential to the survey. Please complete the survey sincerely as it is absolutely anonymous and is a serious piece of research. Should you have any question, you can write to the student at research.siarl@yahoo.com or siarl.ferdinand@gmail.com.

You can fill the survey online here:


Please share this message to other people, no matter their competence in Cornish or their opinion on the language.