The Leat, Pendeen has a make over

Posted on: 12th July 2015

The Leat, Pendeen has a make over following my piece in Outreach. The power of the people and our wonderful community!

Back in June, I reported on my blog that the Leat in Pendeen was looking a bit sad (The Leat Pendeen). I set up a public meeting for 7 July, promoting it in my regular piece in Outreach. The day before our meeting I was contacted in the morning and told that Cormac were down there mowing the grass! I have not discovered how this came about yet but do not believe it was a coincidence. I am led to believe we have local workers and suspect one of them managed to pull some strings to get it done. I do plan to quietly find out and discover whether this might happen regularly.

At the public meeting 12 people came to talk with me and Delia Webb. Not a huge number but we had those involved with the original project, the son of the land owner who gifted the land to the community, a few local people who love the area now and 4 members of the Town Council. Those with knowledge of the history shared their stories of the amazing transformation of the wasteland and how the Leat was an important source of water back then. Some photo’s were shared with Delia so the start of another archive project but she would like a volunteer to help her put the story together. Contact the Centre of Pendeen, if that could be you!

Sadly, the average age of those of us there was probably approaching 60 although there were a few outliers and some of the maturer members were not afraid of a bit of hard graft! People were concerned that the grass cuttings laying on top of the ground would damage the grass underneath so between us we undertook to clear it at the weekend. Most of the volunteers were Town Councillors, including the Mayor with his amazing bit of kit! Even I did some raking and scooping up! However, 2 original project members were there, Cyril Honey had started the creation of mounds mechanically and Arthur Matthews provided tools, encouragement and wise words.

The Leat grass clearing

The community rally to clear up the grass

The Leat with Mayor

Kevin McFaddon driving the digger scooping up the mounds of grass cuttings and taking them away.

The pond is more of a challenge as really we need some-one with expertise on how to manage effectively. There has been a trio of willing volunteers, doing the best they can BUT it has got away from them really. So, could you be that expert?

Between myself, the Town Council, Arthur Matthews, Cycil Honey and the dedicated trio who have done what they can with the pond, it is hoped we can find a way to ensure the Leat is managed and improved but it is going to be challenging and may, at some point, need a younger generation willing to volunteer.