The Leat, Pendeen, gets some Love!

Posted on: 21st October 2018

The Leat, Pendeen, has had some love from National Trust and other local folk.

The Leat Project

Work underway to clear invasive plant inside and at the edge of the pond

Last Friday a team of National Trust volunteers joined a few of us as locals and Nobby from Madron, to give The Leat, Pendeen some attention. Historically it was a space created and cared for by the community for the community but in recent years it has been a little neglected although still great for nature and people alike.

Before our day there, I had asked Cormac to have a look at the water leaking to the lower grassed areas and encroaching on the road. They did a great job rodding some pipes and now the surrounding grass can be walked and enjoyed again. Thank you Cormac.

The Leat, Pendeen

National Trust and local folk volunteering at The Leat, Pendeen

So, it was lovely weather for our work and nice to chat to a few passing older locals, giving their memories of what it was like when embraced by the community. It still has a wild feel and Cornwall Wildlife trust who gave some expert advice tell me that a variety of aquatic wildlife love the growth on the pond so we should never strive to clear it all.

Penwith Landscape Partnership loaned us some tools as my husband, Keith came along and he is one of their volunteers.

The Leat Project

Some open water now visible at The Leat, Pendeen

We worked hard down there from 9:30 until just after 3. You may look at what we achieved and think we did not do much but I can assure you it was hard painstaking work!

So, a big that you to Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Penwith Landscape Partnership but a big whoop and applause to the wonderful volunteers from the National Trust that got stuck in. It was great to meet Nobby from Madron who just happened to see my flyer, popped down to see the area and decided he wanted to volunteer. Thank you Nobby! Thank you to Town Councillor, Debbie Shepherd who also joined us and got stuck in and my husband, Keith who collected the tools, worked hard all day and then has cleaned the tools up after.

Please, go and enjoy the space and think how we, in this community, can get back to loving and caring for this wonderful space.