The Leat, Pendeen

Posted on: 29th November 2015

The Leat, Pendeen has been restored to a former glory by people power!

This story begins with Arthur Matthews coming to see me to express concern that The Leat was looking overgrown and wanting to know what could be down about it. Arthur was a great source of the history of the project and his tales made me want to get something done but I knew it would be challenging with no money. The Leat June 2015

Coincidence or due to my raising the matter in our local magazine but the grass got cut. Local People rally to improve the Leat

The next bit of fortune was my bumping into Lindsey Butterfield, ranger from the National Trust, and putting it to her that they might like to work with the local community on restoring the community asset. Lindsey brought a  wonderful team of volunteers to work with me and other locals. Wading in to sort the Leat

Lindsey was now on board offering to bring volunteers for a 2nd day and getting the National Trust to agree to an annual maintenance day each year. On the next visit she managed to engage volunteers from Wild Penwith, part of Cornwall Wildlife Trust. Sadly I could not be there but Town Councillor Clemens got stuck in.

The Leat Volunteers

National Trust and Wild Penwith volunteers support locals to restore The Leat, Pendeen

Cllr Clemens at The Leat

Town Councillor, Brian Clemens, gets stuck in!

I am now talking with Delia Webb about how we make The Leat a cherished part of our community again.

Today, I walked the dogs down there and share some photos of it now. Sadly an unwanted arrival of a dumped car wheel hub had been added but I did my small bit and took it away!

The Leat Restored

A huge thank you to everyone who helped restore the Leat.

The Leat restored

Now the blanket weed is reduced, the life of the pond will rebalance.

I saw Arthur Mathews this week, where the story began. He is chuffed with the progress and went down there to thank the volunteers personally, on behalf of the community.