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St Just Neighbourhood Planning News

Posted on: 28th November 2017 | by Sue James | Posted in Blog

St Just Neighbourhood Planning News following the packed public meeting. Sadly, there are a few bureaucratic chicken and egg debates slowing getting things up and running but these will be overcome and those volunteering will be brought of board. So, thank you all for your patience and to reassure you that does not mean thatRead More »

Cornwall’s Local Plan Final Consultation

Posted on: 4th September 2014 | by Sue James | Posted in News

Cornwall’s Local Plan final consultation starts today. Edwina Hannaford, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Heritage and Planning, said “The Local Plan is an important planning document that will give strategic direction to development and guide planning decisions in Cornwall over the next 15 years. It will set out the main set of planning policiesRead More »