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Our Cornish Youngsters Have the Opportunity to Deliver Their Message to World Leaders

Posted on: 20th April 2021 | by Sue James | Posted in News

Our Cornish youngsters have the opportunity to deliver their message to World Leaders, in the form of a ‘Welcome Card’ for the G7 Summit in Carbis Bay. I’m sure the selected entry will have to be polite and constructive, and I know our youngster have the creativity to deliver a powerful message, within those constraints!Read More »

New Environmental Crowdfunding Fund Launched in Cornwall

Posted on: 13th March 2021 | by Sue James | Posted in News

  New Environmental Crowdfunding Fund launched in Cornwall, called Back to the Future, in response to the Climate Emergency. ‘Back the Future’ is a new fund that will collect donations from businesses and individuals wanting to support local solutions to climate change.  Contributors could include anyone who visits or lives in Cornwall through to large or small organisations.Read More »

Have Your Say on Cornwall Plan addressing Climate Change: Ensuring Future Sustainable Development

Posted on: 26th February 2021 | by Sue James | Posted in News

Have your say on how Cornwall Council should adapt its Local Plan to ensure future Sustainable Development that has the potential to address Climate Change and habitat loss. When the Local Plan for Cornwall was agreed, whilst Climate Change was known about, people had not woken to the emergency we faced. The Council therefore wantRead More »

Have Your Say on Cornwall’s Future Services, Places & How We Work Together

Posted on: 21st August 2020 | by Sue James | Posted in News

Cornwall Council has several consultations open at the moment and more to come. This is really your chance to shape how you want Cornwall to be so it is important the Council hears from a broad range of folk, in terms of ages, income and views of the world. I’m highlighting some key, fundamental onesRead More »

Carbon Neutral Cornwall Update

Posted on: 12th November 2019 | by Sue James | Posted in News

November 2019 Member’s Carbon Neutral Cornwall Newsletter Dear colleagues, This is my first Member’s Carbon Neutral Cornwall newsletter which I hope you will find useful and interesting. I would like this newsletter to give you a flavour of what we are doing in striving towards carbon neutrality by 2030, as set out in the CornwallRead More »

Notes of the Meeting Discussing Cornwall Council Climate Action Plan

Posted on: 13th June 2019 | by Sue James | Posted in News

Notes of the meeting that Discussed Cornwall Council’s emerging Climate Action Plan are now available on-line. This was the Extraordinary meeting of the Neighbourhoods Overview and Scrutiny Committee that took place on 31 May. This includes the 12 questions asked by members of the public and the answers they were given. Minutes of the ExtraordinaryRead More »

Are the Spaceport and Cornwall’s Declaration of a Climate Emergency Compatible?

Posted on: 13th June 2019 | by Sue James | Posted in News

  Are the Spaceport and Cornwall’s declaration of a Climate Emergency compatible? That is a question popping up on social media and other places. This is the response being issued by the Leader of Cornwall Council, Julian German. What do you think? Let me know by email or respond to my Facebook post on theRead More »