Support Our Businesses and Community, Continue Wearing Your Mask; Be Considerate

Posted on: 17th July 2021

Support our local Businesses and Community,  by continuing to wearing your mask; it’s a minor inconvenience but will ensure we stay considerate and safer. Some very local facts are that we have more people in St Just and Pendeen who are either testing positive or are in touch with someone testing positive, than probably any time in this pandemic. I don’t know about you, but I’m coming across more people isolating now than any other time since this all began and whilst I do not know anyone ill enough to go to hospital, I gather those in Treliske are younger than before.

The other bit of local information I have is that under 30 year old men in St Just and Pendeen, are not coming forward for the vaccine, for whatever reason. This virus will find those that have not had the vaccine and what we are starting to hear is that even those that have had their 2 jabs, they are catching the virus, albeit (fingers firmly crossed) they are not getting very poorly. So, can I ask those reading this to speak to the under 30 year old men in their lives and gently encourage them to get the vaccine as it will reduce their chances of being poorly.

**NEWS TODAY: Our vaccinated Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, is a bit poorly and has tested positive for COVID so is having to isolate.**

In our own community, we have had cafes having to close and this week, no pasties at McFaddens because staff are off sick and/ or isolating.

Our local shops, library, galleries and cafes will likely still be encouraging you to wear your mask and keep up with social distancing and I, as the local Mayor, am supporting them 100%!



While compulsory Covid restrictions are set to be lifted on Monday, 19 July, the pandemic is not over yet.

The Council and Cornwall’s Public Health team are joining the government in urging all to be responsible, be respectful and make safe choices – for our own sake and out of consideration for others.

👉 Continue to wear face coverings in crowded and confined spaces.

👉 Respect any rules individual shops and businesses put in place for the safety and peace of mind of their staff and customers.

👉 When travelling by bus, train or taxi, wear a face covering to protect you and others and try to avoid busy times.

👉 Get vaccinated – both jabs!

👉 Test twice a week at home with a lateral flow test.

👉 Wash your hands or use sanitiser regularly.

👉 Meet others outdoors where possible or keep windows open indoors.