St Just Skate Park Will Draw the Enthusiasts

Posted on: 2nd April 2022

Bear in mind that I know nothing about skateboarding or skate parks but, I’m very proud that our Lands End Peninsula Community Land Trust has enabled St Just Skate Park to be re-built and, those that do know about these things say, it will rank very high in Cornwall so will draw enthusiasts here! For this to happen, a small group of amazing local folk have worked tirelessly to fundraise, get grants, commission the design and engage Canvas, our contractor, to get the work done. What’s more, it is nearly complete and we are planning an official opening on 10th July (there was a slight delay due to issues with getting hold of materials).

The St Just Skate Park facility before it was removed for safety reasons, by Cornwall Council

You have now been reminded of the BEFORE, now be prepared to be blown away by the coming soon…. and it is not even finished yet!

This is March 2022 and, hopefully it will be finished within the next month

So, dust off your skateboard, prepare to stop annoying the neighbours practicing up and down your road and look out for the safety fencing to come down and get to St Just Recreation Ground to strut your stuff (not sure that is the phrase for skateboarding but…).

Your invite, whether a skate boarder of observer of the fun!


For those that want to discover the journey that started when I was a Cornwall Councillor, back in 2017, here are a few links to earlier posts on my website.

Following a public consultation on the St Just Recreation Ground, carried out by Cornwall Council, it was clear that money was not available to make the improvements that residents wanted – hence the community needed to be called on to step up…and they did.

We needed to take steps following the public consultation

Public Meeting Agreed 

From the public meeting a community committee formed to do the fundraising/ make grant applications and it was Lands End Peninsula Community Land Trust that stepped in to support them on their journey, a charitable company I Chair.