St Just & Pendeen Folk asked to contact Neighbouring Cornwall Councillor for a bit

Posted on: 28th January 2018

St Just & Pendeen folk asked to contact neighbouring Cornwall Councillor for a bit due to my dad being in hospital and likely to need a lot of support when ready to come home.

Helen Hawkins

Councillor Helen Hawkins, who represents the neighbouring St Buryan Ward

February is likely to be a tough month for me with Cabinet responsibilities and budget setting and my dad having very suddenly gone from being totally independent to almost totally dependent in less than a month. My dad normally lives in an annex at my place but is currently in hospital, unable to walk unaided. Hopefully West Cornwall will get him moving but it is likely he will need much more help than usual when he returns home and he is, understandably very keen to do that sooner rather than later.

Very kindly, a neighbouring councillor and friend, Helen Hawkins, is agreeing to step in for February and take any local queries and concerns, often referred to as casework. However, I will continue to deal with open, local planning applications. Helen can be contacted by email or telephone her on 07966 228124.

I hope you will bear with me in what is proving a difficult time,