St Just Methodist Chapel; A view from Historic England

Posted on: 12th October 2016

St Just Methodist Chapel; A view from Historic England was shared locally after a recent visit.

St Just Methodist Chapel

St Just Methodist Chapel

Although unable, at this stage, to indicate what internal changes may be permitted, some advice on the initial steps to be taken and items to consider were shared.
  • ‘Multi-faceted’ use of the building could work based on other successfully converted chapels;
  • Historic England are keen to retain the open layout of the building, as far as possible to retain the Methodist style;
  • The upstairs area, whilst being a good performance space, due to its potential capacity there would be a requirement to improve means of escape to meet current Building Regulation standards;
  • Historic England would like to see a timeline of the chapel;
  • Reading and following Historic England’s Guidance on Methodist and Nonconformist Chapels in Cornwall was recommended;
So, step 1 is the production of a Site Assessment Summary to:
A. Identify the site, including access and services, and any designations.
B. Identify the historic character of the chapel (its setting, exterior and interior, and any other areas or buildings) and how it has changed.
C. Identify its level of significance.

If you want to help in any way then do get in touch but, even better come along to one of the drop-in sessions, have a guided tour of the Chapel, a cup of tea and chat about your most creative thoughts on what its future could be.
SESSIONS: THURSDAY 13 OCTOBER 2.30-7PM or SATURDAY 15 OCTOBER 9-2PM – The Methodist Chapel, Chapel Road, St Just.
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