St Just Library talks enter a new phase

Posted on: 20th January 2016
Sue James campaigning to protect St Just Library's opening hours

Councillor Sue James visiting St Just Library

St Just Library talks enter a new phase during which Library Users, through the Friends of St Just Library group, will take the lead. This follows St Just Town Council deciding to step back from negotiations due to other devolution discussions with Cornwall Council requiring their time and attention more urgently.

As a recap, there was a public meeting, called by the Town Council, to find out what local people thought and to answer any questions they had over proposed plans. The meeting concluded that all options remained on the table and that there would be a further public meeting when more work had been done on options. My write up of key issues was on a previous blog and the link will take you back to that but I must stress they are my notes and views as no official record has been published.

I am excited that, with the support of Cornwall Council Officers, I can work directly with the Friends and wider users of the library and I hope this can involve library staff, to find the best and most sustainable future for the Library. I hope that we can make good progress and that once the Town Council have concluded other devolution discussions that they will re-join us around the table to finalise future plans.

I am hopeful that we might be able to introduce volunteers to increase the opening hours in the first part of this year. I will also seek partners that might help to secure the facility ensuring it is accessible to locals, visitors and businesses. The term community hub is used and I hope this might evolve, over time, alongside an information hub for tourists and local historians. It will involve much hard work but I know this community has the drive and skills to make it happen.

Please email me or contact the Friends of St Just Library with ideas. You can also share your ideas through ‘We ♥ St Just Library’ or ‘Councillor Sue James’ Facebook pages.

The Arts Council has undertaken research into the ways communities can get involved with their Library Service running, exploring the concept of community libraries. A useful read.