St Just in Bloom Await Results

Posted on: 2nd August 2019

St Just in Bloom await the results of this years competition, expected early autumn. This year we had visits from 2 judging panels; the usual for the SW Region and then 2 judges that I joined on Wednesday because St Just was selected to be in the National Champions of Champions category, based on previous achievements.

St Just in Bloom, 2019 display, as you enter the Town from Nancherrow.

It was great to wander around talking to all the dedicated volunteers that take pride in our town, many elderly with health issues that no-one would blame if they hung up their gardening shoes! I also had a great chat with a reception class student at St Just primary about the tomato plants in their playground and the wonderful array of plantings in old shoes, wellies and uniforms. Sadly she was too shy to speak with the judges when there was a crowd of us together but I had the honour of talking with her when I hung back from the group, on a 1 to 1 basis.

I think in our community’s eyes St Just in Bloom are winners but we will have to await the formal verdict for a couple of months.

Entrance to St Just – looking wonderful and well connected to the Town’s history