St Just Arts & Crafts Sale for Cancer Research has gone On-Line

Posted on: 14th June 2020

St Just Arts & Crafts Sale for Cancer Research has gone on-line so I hope that people from far and wide will support them, like they usually do each August, at our local school. I normally start my Christmas shopping there so, I will do the same this year.

The Local Fundraising Team

The St Just Cancer Research UK Fundraising Group has now launched its fantastic Art & Craft Fair online.  This year the group will not be running their usual gigantic Exhibition at the Cape Cornwall School because of Covid-19 and social distancing rules. This is a great shame for the makers, the team of helpers and volunteers, customers from far and near and, of course for the charity – Cancer Research UK.

So the fantastic St Just Team thought of the wonderful alternative idea of a website (link straight to it above). There are over 30 excellent west Cornwall makers exhibiting and selling their wares on the website. It is a great showcase of the quality of art and crafts produced down West.

The St Just Group are renowned for the quality of their Art and Craft Fair and have through their fundraising endeavours raised over £1 million for the charity. Only a couple of dozen groups across the country have bettered that total, mostly large town or city-based groups.

Each maker has paid for a gallery page, 90% of which goes to CRUK, the remaining 10% pays for the publicity as the Team want to get as much success as possible for the makers from this venture, but it is a departure from the usual  and familiar activities. So please support the website, and encourage your real and virtual friends to do the same!

The website will run for 3 months (so till September) but if it is successful the group will repeat the process for the autumn through to the New Year, to raise even more money for CRUK.

Contact for more info, Tony Mills (

Cancer Research UK is a registered charity, No.1089464