Some Consultations

Posted on: 1st February 2024

Sue James campaigning to protect St Just Library's opening hours

I thought I’d bring your attention to a few consultation that Cornwall Council are seeking views on. They are diverse subjects!

  1. Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Strategy – runs until 26th April
  2. Where should Cornwall Council put electric vehicle charging points? – St Just Town Council will bid for funding to put them in their car parks but where else would they be useful? I’m wondering whether they should work with Housing Associations to put them on housing estates, especially where there are flats/ no off road parking.
  3. Nature Recovery Strategy – there will be consultation events over Spring & Summer
  4. Creative Industries Consultation – this is targeted at creative folk. Consultation ends 12 March 2024

So, time to have your say on things that matter to you. If you do not already get the Cornwall Council Newsletter, consider signing up for it here: Stay in touch with what’s new at Cornwall Council