Seat and Planter at the Bottom of Causewayhead, Penzance

Posted on: 27th May 2018

Seat and planter at the bottom of Causewayhead, Penzance has become a talking point for all the wrong reasons!

Planter at the bottom of Causewayhead

I became aware of the issue from Facebook Thursday afternoon when I was rather surprised to read it was being removed as a way of dealing with problem drinkers. As I am in the Cabinet and have responsibility for Community Safety that this would fall under I was not only surprised to learn this through Social Media but also, due to my years of experience within Criminal Justice, I knew it would do nothing to solve the suggested problem. Imagine my anger and frustration when I then learnt of a protest being organised for Saturday because the public did not want to lose the planter and seat.

Well some digging and asking questions brought some facts to light.

Penzance Business Improvement District (BID) are working with Penzance Town Council, Penzance Regeneration Partnership, local councillors and Cornwall Council on improving a number of sites across the town for residents and visitors to enjoy. The plan includes funding for 23 planters and 5 new seats. So, sounds like a good news story to brighten up Penzance that has been twisted by some local personalities! One of the places being targeted for a new planter because the current one is a bit damaged, is the bottom of Causewayhead.

In response to public concerns about the proposals for Causewayhead, and as Cabinet Member for Environment and Public Protection I say:

“If local businesses and stakeholders want this work to go ahead and say it is for the benefit of everyone, residents and visitors alike in Penzance, they better ensure they listen to them. I’ve also established that any proposals would require the agreement of both Penzance Town Council and Cornwall Council.”

So, this is not about anti-social behaviour. This is good because removing the seat would not contribute to a solution, just possibly move the problem on rather than sort it out or help the people with addictions. There is no decision to remove the planter, just a conversation and if residents do not want it removed they need to ensure their local Town Councillors are aware as, without a clear resolution from them that that is what the people of Penzance want, it will not happen!

So, if you want to find out who your local Penzance Town Councillor is click here and let them know your views on whether you want a new planter and seat or the current one repaired.