Season’s Greetings and a Recycling New Year!

Posted on: 23rd December 2020

Season’s Greetings to you from me and a guide to recycling stuff as we enter the New Year!

Families across Cornwall will soon be tucking into turkey dinners and tearing off wrapping paper as the Christmas celebrations begin. Most of us end up with a bit more rubbish and recycling over the festive period and I know many are not quite sure what to do with it.

Here’s your Christmas rubbish and recycling guide!

Food glorious food

Rather than over-buying food then binning it, plan your meals, make a list and exercise portion control. This handy portion control guide will help you get it right.

And if you do end up with leftovers, there are plenty of recipes to make the most of them. You can’t go wrong with bubble and squeak, vegetable soup or turkey sandwiches. And you can freeze stuff, even a complete meal, for another day!

Stay away from shiny paper

Tip for the future is to resist that glittery roll of wrapping paper. Be creative and use old fabric or a scarf, decorate some brown paper, or try newspaper, paper bags, old calendars and maps instead. Such personal touches can make a gift extra special.

To check if the wrappings you receive are recyclable – scrunch it in your hand. If it stays scrunched it can be recycled, if it unfolds it can’t.

Wrapping paper that is not coated with foil or plastic should be put out for kerbside collection in your orange cardboard recycling bag. Please remove any sticky tape, string or ribbons first.

Trees and decorations

Real Christmas trees (under 6ft) can be collected for composting in the weeks beginning 11th January and 18th January. Put your tree out for collection, beside your rubbish bags/ bin in the week that you do not put your recycling out.

When it comes to decorations, it is not possible to recycle tinsel so hang on to it and use it next year. To have a change just arrange a festive swapsies group with friends, when it is save to do so.

The same goes for glass and plastic baubles. If you don’t need them anymore donate them to a charity shop or pass them on to friends or family.

To check what items can and can’t be recycled use the Council’s online A-Z of recycling.

The usual suspects

All those extra carboard boxes should go in your orange recycling bag, or next to it if they’re too big. Make sure you flatten them first.

Please be sure to recycle old batteries at your local Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) or take them to your local supermarket.

Any old electrical equipment, including broken lights, can also be recycled at your local HWRC.

Make This New Year the One You Ditch the plastic

Start making those better choices by rejecting or switching away from plastic packaging and single use plastic goods.

If we all make small changes, together we make a big difference.

Order recycling bags and boxes for free on the Cornwall Council website.

You can check your Christmas rubbish and recycling collection dates and HWRC opening times here.