Question to Full Council Tuesday re Sustainability & Transformation Plans

Posted on: 22nd January 2017
Andrew speaking on Health

Andrew George speaking on Health to crowds in packed Penzance meeting

Questions to Full Council Tuesday re Sustainability & Transformation Plans from me, other Councillors and a member of the public are in full below. If you have not been following the background to these questions and in particular my rattling of a few cages, then go back and catch up on a few earlier website posts. Interestingly, the Chief Executive of Cornwall Council has invited me for ‘a catch up’ on the subject on Wednesday.


My request for a Council debate on the future of Health and social care is refused full details here.

Am I right to keep on about how decisions over the future of health and social care are made? Sue ‘banging on!’


Sustainability and Transformation Plan NHS Cornwall’s deficit £264 million and growing; Treliske Hospital on weekly Black Alert; Cornwall Local Plan proposes 52,000 houses and student/elderly accommodation by 2030. Obvious NHS Kernow deficit cannot reduce without drastic measures of hospital closures/privatisation and increased Government funding. What steps have the Council taken to lobby Government?

Mrs Carlyon Truro


Question No. 1 Strategic Transformation Plan for NHS Services in Cornwall To: Councillor Pollard From: Councillor Olivier

Does the Leader of the Council agree that consent to the content of the Strategic Transformation Plan for NHS services in Cornwall from any Cornwall Council officer, sub-committee or committee should be subject to final approval from a full meeting of Cornwall Councillors?

Question No. 3 Sustainability and Transformation Plan To: Councillor Pollard From: Councillor James

Our Devolution Deal, “putting Cornwall first” approach appears to be a major reason why the development of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for Cornwall is being presented as following a partnership rather than an NHS led approach. Whilst there may be potential benefits in that for the people of Cornwall, the lack of an open and transparent democratic strategic steer places the legitimacy of the outcome at risk. To give such a steer was the reason I, with the support of many others, had hoped for a debate in this Chamber today. This is now giving a public perception that the final plan might be Officer led rather than locally driven and democratically accountable. Given that I have had significant public interest and support for my request and that a round of public meetings has now taken place, will you, as Leader, ensure that a full debate takes place at our next Council meeting?

Question No. 6 To: Councillor Pollard From: Councillor Burden

Sustainability Transformation Plan The STP public consultation came to a close last week. What did the STP and Council learn from such encounters and how will the utter frustration of the public be addressed? It appears the idea of a Sustainable Transformation Plan in changing how the NHS and the Social Services operate in streamlining and making the whole more efficient has become seriously confusing by at the same time the need to cut services in order to save money. Surely this is muddying the water and a real coming together of various elements of care which could be advantageous is already seriously damaged at the first hurdle making the public very nervous as we have witnessed as to what services they will now lose.

Each of us can ask a supplementary question that we do not have to give notice of. Your ideas on this are welcome as I need a range of possibilities because I do not know what John Pollard will have already said in answer to the questions before mine! Email me on if you have some thoughts!