Putting Descendants of Captain Ben in Touch With Each Other

Posted on: 25th July 2015

Putting descendants of Captain Ben in touch with each other was not something I imagined I would be doing through this website but it is not an unpleasant by product! For those less dedicated followers of this site, Captain Ben Nicholas was the Manager of Levant mine, back in 1919 when several miner’s died in a tragic accident. I was contacted by his granddaughter, now living in Canada and now I’ve been contacted by the great grandson of Captain Ben’s sister so I’ve put him in touch with Pam in Canada, who is thrilled!

If I’ve wet your appetite for a bit of local history through the eyes of descendants then check things out on the memories page of this website.

Reading that Capt Ben was Chair of St Just Urban Borough Council brings a slight shiver as, the chain of office for the Deputy Mayor of St Just is the one that use to worn by the Chair of the Urban Council – I was of course Deputy Mayor so I and Capt Ben wore that same chain.