Proposed Safety Improvements to A3071; Have Your Say

Posted on: 15th January 2022

Proposed Safety Improvements to A3071; Have Your Say but consultation ends 3 February so, not long.

A public consultation is underway for various proposals along the A3071 between Mount Misery Roundabout, Penzance to St Just, split in to six separate schemes.
• Scheme 1 – St Just to B3306 Junction
• Scheme 2 – B3306 Junction to New Road (C0095) Junction
• Scheme 3 – New Road Junction (C0095) to B3318 Junction
• Scheme 4 – B3318 Junction to U6009 Junction
• Scheme 5 – Newbridge
• Scheme 6 – Tremethick Cross to Mount Misery Roundabout

You can find the consultation on-line, on the Cornwall Council or Town Council websites but I thought a pdf version might be helpful for some people.

A 3071 Consultation Package

NB Due to a recent family bereavement, please do not submit your views direct to me as I am likely to be unreliable/ distracted for a few weeks. Instead, comment direct, as given in the document or email your Cornwall Councillor, Brian Clemens ( or the St Just Town Clerk on, asking him to bring to the attention of Town Councillors when they meet on 31st January, when this will be an agenda item.