Praying for a General Election & Change of Government

Posted on: 1st November 2023

Praying for a General Election & change of Government was literally a person’s Prayer note on a Prayer tree in a church. I’m not a religious person but the sentiment is one I’m sure many who are struggling and those of us who care, share. If you live in the St Ives constituency a free and easy way to help Andrew George and the Liberal Democrats win here next time is to become a registered supporter: sign up to become a registered supporter

If you have not registered to vote or maybe you are a registered voter but “Don’t see the point” in voting, then take it from me, this Conservative Government is relying on you not bothering to vote to kick them out! How to Register to Vote and remember to do this if you have moved since the last election. There are other challenges this Government is throwing your way, to try to ensure only their supporters can vote …..that is voters having to prove their identity so, have a look at make sure you have something they will accept to prove you are who you say you are Ways to vote and Voter ID explained

Getting rid of Conservative M.P’s a TV interview of Liberal Democrats Leader, Ed Davey

In the St Ives constituency (and that covers everywhere from Land’s End to the Lizard to St Ives) Andrew George really can win, if ALL those wanting a change of Government vote Liberal Democrat, whether that is tactical or because you remember Andrew was a good M.P before.

To win we do need your help! Could you donate some money to fund our campaign (the Tories have loads), deliver leaflets or, if you live on a main road, agree to take one of our big garden boards saying you will vote for Andrew George.

The St Ives Liberal Democrats website will tell you all you need to know to help ensure 1 less Tory M.P in Cornwall. Alternatively, if you want to have a chat – send me an email with your contact details and I’ll get in touch with you.

None of us know when the General Election will be called BUT I know it will be when the Conservatives think they stand the best chance of winning. Don’t be fooled by little gifts they might offer you as, if they win another term, most ordinary people will be worse off again!