Portheras Cove To Get Improved Access

Posted on: 22nd February 2014
Portheras Cove to get improved access

Portheras Cove

For those who love Portheras Cove, our dedicated ‘Friends’ group, the Council’s Countryside Officer and a team at Cormac are coming up trumps to improve access and secure the area. Like much of the coast and cliff paths, the storms have taken their toll. Below is some information provided by Delia Webb:

Just to let you know that thanks to some dedicated fund-finding by Hamish Gordon, our Countryside Officer & his team at Cormac, together with Ian Flindall at Chy Praze farm work is due to commence next week on a brand new oak bridge to span the Rose Valley stream (at the stepping stones). This will be a huge improvement to the current situation which is so precarious during every storm/flood event since the major damage was done to the stones during the 2012/2013 floods. Thank you guys!

Hamish has also sent this message which he would like spread please:-

we are commandeering the top car park at Lower Chypraze and will have a lot of plant movement down the Bridleway track to the river. Could you therefore mention that there will be no parking available at this car park and that any walkers would be best advised to travel from the Pendeen end of the Coast Path and not try to access up and down the Bridleway.”
A Portheras Cove casualty

A Portheras Cove casualty

The cove is looking really clean at the moment – many thanks to all who continue with the litter-picking. We have had some sad storm casualties during the last couple of weeks including puffins, razorbills, shags and guillemots – but there was a very lucky oiled guillemot who was still alive and was taken to Mousehole Bird hospital. See photo of relentless massive waves and our lucky rescue!