Planting Trees and Hedge Plants at Home – And now wash your hands!

Posted on: 15th March 2020

Hedging plants, just in from an old Cornish hedge

Some calm at home planting trees, when the planet seems to be spinning out of control through COVID-19. Ironically, the resultant behaviour change might be reducing the harmful emissions that cause Climate Change and poor air quality that it has seemed impossible to reverse! Clouds and silver linings come to mind but, not of course if it is at the cost of love ones demise.

My husband bought 50 hedging plants and 50 trees back before the named storms started. He got the hedge plants in but decided against planting the trees so heeled them in, in a sheltered area. He decided it was time to get some planted today and I gave a hand this afternoon and half are now in.

One of our trees

I’m not going to try to take the credit for this as I am no gardener, on any scale! This was my husbands idea, he prepared the ground, at the bottom of our small field, got the plant and my ‘help’ was minuscule and probably inconsequential but, over a weekend when there is talk of those 70 years and over being asked not to go out, possibly for 3 months or so, it gave a sense of calm!

Keep washing your hands with soap. If you are older with health problems or a compromised immune system, consider reducing your contact with others, especially inside. And wash your hands again – doesn’t matter what you sing but at least 20 seconds!

Some good, reliable information on COVID-19 through the links below.

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