Pendeen Surgery Update

Posted on: 23rd March 2019
Pendeen Surgery

Pendeen Surgery, still on the Market

I just wanted to give a brief update on the Pendeen surgery situation as I do not want people to think that I’m doing nothing!

First, it is still on the market and I am told a purchase is going through that might allow the surgery to continue for 2 years or so.

Second, the application of the Town Council to list the building as an Asset of Community Value has not been decided and there will be a discussion at Town Council Monday on whether it is best to pause this whilst other options are explored.

Third, a few have implied that my ‘interference’ may be disrupting the sale and making the future of the surgery less secure. My response to that is that I have become involved because patients and the wider community asked me to help them and that arises out of a lack of effective communication with them.

So, where are we going with this and what are the prospects for the surgery?

I have raised the issue at every opportunity in Health forums when people of influence are present and tend to get raised eye brows, anxious looks and told “it’s complicated”! From what I can make out, those of influence believe the loss of GP and associated medical service Pendeen would have impacts beyond the immediate patient list and is undesirable. So far I have been unable to get anyone to take responsibility for bringing about a resolution or able to give me reassurance it can be secured.

More recently I have been approached by senior Officers in the Council, who work closely with health leaders and there is a glimmer of hope that we are to get key decision makers in a room on Monday from Health, Social Care and Property people working across the two organisations. I use the word ‘hope’ because I don’t want to raise your hopes until it actually happens and the relevant people arrive at County Hall. I am not invited to that meeting but I have made 3 requests.

  1. That it be clarified whether the obligation to give notice of a proposed closure of GP surgery and an appropriate public consultation period is placed only on the practice providing the services or is an obligation on owners of the building too.
  2. That at the end of the meeting, I be given feedback with it made clear what I can share and what might be confidential but that I be fully briefed so that I am not wasting my own and others time and effort exploring options that are not a viable route to protecting the service. So, I am asking that I be given a full briefing but I have promised that if parts of that are confidential, I will respect that.
  3. I have asked that a statement informing patients of the current situation be agreed by those present and that this be made easily available to those affected by the uncertainty and that I be copied in.

I hope that, if the meeting happens on Monday and they can address the points I have raised, I can step back and allow appropriate decision makers to take matters forward, albeit that I would ask to be kept informed.

If there is not a satisfactory outcome during the day Monday, I will discuss with Town Councillors us holding a public meeting so that all sides can have the opportunity to discuss matters direct. I would not be able to make all relevant people come!