Our Resilient, Creative and Independent Town of St Just

Posted on: 20th September 2022

“Our Resilient, Creative and Independent Town of St Just”, came in as the headline to a piece in the press about our wonderful Town. I will confess, every time Daisy and I was asked in different ways to describe our Town, those were my key words! The Headline also picked up the other key message that Daisy wanted to get across about our Town, that Community is Key!

Greg Martin captures the spirit of our Deputy Mayor Daisy Gibbs, perfectly. Down at the new Skate Park in St Just that she was involved in creating.

I share with you the link to the article because I feel Oli and Greg captured our Town honestly and present it in a balanced way. Sorry if there are a few facts not quite right but it is a struggle when you are asked -“when was that?” if your memory of local events does not compare to Wikipedia!

Our Brilliant Town and Community of St Just