No more St Just-in-Penwith Ward if New Council Boundaries Approved

Posted on: 5th June 2018

No more St Just-in-Penwith Ward if new Council Boundaries are approved for 2021 as all areas become much larger because to the significant reduction in the number of Cornwall Councillors. The westerly ward is proposed as Lands End, the most apt name I could think of at the time.

Boundary Review Proposals for Cornwall

Boundary Review Proposals for Cornwall but see link below for more detail. This could be what the next Cornwall Council elections are fought on.

The link below will show you the new proposed boundaries throughout Cornwall for 87 Councillors instead of the 123 we have today. If approved, this will come into effect at the elections in 2021. Wishing all those standing good luck with representing such large areas. I cannot imagine the workload!

Proposed Cornwall Council Boundaries

Summary of the Boundary Commissions Recommendations

The Boundary review claim they listen although it has been hard to really feel we have influenced them very much. Anyway, if you have good ideas on how to make this work better then do ‘Have Your Say’! I just feel that it is a loss of democracy for the whole of Cornwall to only have 87 Councillors when you think of how many there were when we had Districts AND a County Council.

Boundary Commission Consultation Link

I suppose it is better than 1 elected person for Cornwall, a Mayor and the Tory Government are still in love with that idea so BEWARE!