New Environmental Crowdfunding Fund Launched in Cornwall

Posted on: 13th March 2021


Crowdfunding to address the Climate Emergency in Cornwall

New Environmental Crowdfunding Fund launched in Cornwall, called Back to the Future, in response to the Climate Emergency.

‘Back the Future’ is a new fund that will collect donations from businesses and individuals wanting to support local solutions to climate change.  Contributors could include anyone who visits or lives in Cornwall through to large or small organisations. Donations can be made into the general Back the Future Fund or to specific types of projects.

The donations will be used to support the delivery of Cornwall’s collective action and will build on the existing Cornwall Council funded Climate Emergency Crowdfunder campaigns. The Back the Future fund will raise money through voluntary donations, to support projects and ideas that will help Cornwall become carbon neutral.

The public donations will help projects that will be reducing carbon production; removing carbon from the atmosphere; environmental conservation activity; or increasing community resilience.

Donate to ‘Back the Future’ here: Back The Future – Cornwall Climate Action Fund

Cllr Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Council Cabinet Member for Climate Change officially opened the fund at a live webinar and was the first person to make a donation, said: “The Council is committed to helping Cornwall become carbon neutral by 2030 but we can’t do that on our own. There is a huge amount of expertise within Cornwall’s communities, and so many inspiring local responses to the climate emergency, from businesses and residents alike, and we want to support their tremendous efforts.

“Cornwall Council wants to support those committed to making a difference in the fight against climate change. This fund, led by contributions from residents, businesses and visitors, will provide funding to turn great projects and ideas into reality.

“Our other existing Crowdfunder programmes are already funding innovative projects with tens of thousands of pounds raised since the end of last year. These projects are all wildly different, but they share a passion to respond positively to the climate emergency we are all facing. Individuals can’t do it on their own, and the Council can’t do it on our own. But together we can! We’ve already seen the inspiring ideas that are out there and they just need a bit of help from the crowd to get started.

“So if you want to support Cornwall’s response to the Climate Emergency please visit the Crowdfunder page and make a donation to ‘Back the Future’.

The ‘Back the Future Cornwall – Climate Action fund’ will support projects that are working towards goals such as:

  • reducing carbon emissions from households, businesses or organisations
  • promoting sustainable choices and behaviour change
  • creating new opportunities for renewable energy
  • supporting climate resilient communities and spaces
  • promoting the removal of carbon from the atmosphere through nature-based solutions, and more!

Dawn Bebe, Co-founder and Director of Crowdfunder, said “We’re delighted to be partnering with Cornwall Council to deliver a unique Crowdfunder public donation fund for projects that aim to tackle climate change. There are lots of innovative projects in Cornwall aiming to protect its stunning natural environment and this is a pioneering way for people who love living in and visiting Cornwall to contribute to supporting it’s green future. We believe our Back the Future fund to be a first – and something we hope will inspire other parts of the UK to follow and as a Cornwall based company we are really pleased to donate to this brilliant fund.”

For more information and to make a donation visit: Back The Future – Cornwall Climate Action Fund

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