My Reflections on General Election Results 2015

Posted on: 11th May 2015

My reflections on General Election Results 2015 as the impact on loosing all 3 LibDem M.P’s sinks in. My fears came true Evidence of what voting according to beliefs might deliver in St Ives and one of my hopes for 2015, (Cllr Sue James shares her hopes for 2015) to keep Andrew George as our M.P, has been dashed. In my view, the success of The Green Party in convincing their supporters to ‘vote according to their beliefs’ to deliver radical change, delivered a Conservative majority Government. The majority of voters in Cornwall and the Country did not vote Conservative and preferred progressive left of centre parties but the First Past the Post voting system did what it was designed to do, delivered a majority Government. I have to hand it to the Tories, they were also very successful in convincing voters that Ed Milliband & Nicola Sturgeon were dangerous/ incompetent monsters rather than politicians with a different view of the world!

I take some comfort from the fact I watched the voting papers for St Just, Trewellard & Pendeen being unfolded at the count, on Friday. I am clear that here locally, people are as disappointed as me with losing Andrew and I really thank all those supportive messages I have received for myself and to pass on to Andrew.

Petitions are being signed by supporters of smaller parties for Electoral Reform, a passion of LibDems for ever yet few from other parties got actively involved to achieve this when we had a referendum. The alternative vote system might not have been the ideal one (and would not have been the 1st choice of most Liberal Democrats) but it was all that the larger coalition partner would allow on the referendum ballot paper.

Despite all this gloom, there is hope! So far, since polling day, 16 new members have joined the Liberal Democrat party, in the local constituency of St Ives. Over 7,000 have joined the party Nationally. Anyone who thinks Liberal Democracy is dead is in for a shock! If you want to join then give me a ring or follow the link Join Us – Liberal Democrats

I will continue on as your local Cornwall Councillor and will do all I can to get the best deal that protects the most vulnerable BUT I might need the wonderful community of St Just & Pendeen to help me as there will be a decreasing pot of money from Westminster and already the poor & disabled are fearing for how they will be coping in 5 years time. I think it is time for me to become a community leader and not a bureaucrat at County Hall BUT I will have to be fully engaged at Truro to try to work with other like minded councillors to be creative with the limited resources we have.

My personal reflections will continue but the posts on my website will return to being less Political.