Motion to Council: Creating Healthy Habitats for Bees, Pollinators and Humans

Posted on: 11th July 2016

Motion to Council: Creating Healthy Habitats for Bees, Pollinators and Humans, is listed for 19 July. This is a motion (below) that I have put my name to. I do not expect it to be debated as it has money implications but it will now get considered.


The Motion Reads:

1. This Council calls on the Government to fund proper research into the hazards of glyphosphates on human and nature’s health.

2. Cornwall Council will therefore cease the use of neonicotinoids and glyphosphates on all public access land that it manages (by our arms length companies) in a proactive effort to reverse the destruction of the bees and pollinators and protect human health.

3. Consideration should be given to reducing the use of neonicotinoids and glyphosphates and seeking alternatives on other land owned by Cornwall Council including County Farms, land managed by our arms length companies and capital projects contractors.

4. The Council will also explore other ways in which to enhance and protect bee and pollinator habitats and encourage environmental growth in line with the emerging environmental growth strategy.

The Council will therefore produce a Bee/Pollinator Action Plan. This action plan could include;

1. Protecting pollinator habitats via the planning process.

2. Encouraging all new developments to provide for pollinators.

3. Stopping the use of insecticides on local authority land.

4. Establishing wildflower meadows on un-used areas of parks and public greenspace

5. Planting pollinator-friendly plants as part of amenity planting in parks, gardens and green spaces.

6. Planting trees for bees – blossom producing spring flowering trees such as apple, cherry, hawthorn, blackthorn, sallow.

7. Managing road verges for spring and late summer flowers.