More Help With Energy Bills

Posted on: 22nd December 2022

More help with energy bills through Alternative Fuel Payments and Energy Bills Support Scheme.

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The Alternative Fuel Payments is for those who rely on heating schemes like LPG, biomass boilers, oil or coal. The Government says households will receive £200 automatically via their electricity supplier – I have no idea how your energy supplier will know what heating system you have BUT, if you do not receive this on your next bill, I’d suggest you get in touch with them. Seems they are giving this to all of us in who do not have mains gas, as I’ve had my £200.

The Energy Bills Support Scheme is aimed at people who have no direct relationship with an electricity supplier so, where your landlord pays the bills and charges you alongside your rent or maybe you life off grid. It does also state those living in Care Homes. As I understand it, all will be eligible for £400 but again, those using fuels other than mains gas or electric (as per Alternative Fuel Payments), will get the additional £200. On-line applications will open in January, on the website so do not get conned and go to any other website you might get sent in a random text, phone call or email. A help line will also be set up, so do let people know who are not on-line.

On the 27th February, the Government website will provide a way for those with no electricity supplier to apply for their fuel payments. Only on the Government website, that you go to yourself, should you put your bank details in for this payment. Do not trust any links sent to you by text or email or believe any phone calls. They will be scams!

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