Misled on Diesel Cars

Posted on: 11th September 2015

Misled on diesel cars in years gone past! Well, that is how I felt after attending a briefing on air quality at County Hall this week.

Whilst my memory is hazy, I remember being convinced that changing to a diesel engine would be better for the environment and that is what I did, probably about 10 years ago. It seems now the unintended consequence is that people are dying early because of the Nitrous Oxide diesel engines pump into the environment. It is estimated that diesel cars are responsible for 40% of that Nitrous Oxide and petrol engine cars just 5%.

The other worry, as far as I’m concerned is that there is not enough information available to make informed choices and I was told at the briefing that the trend in Cornwall is still to switch from petrol to diesel engine vehicles, even though it is now known that is not a good move for the health of local people.

So, when I change my car next, I shall be going back to a petrol engine car and I hope the message starts getting out there to others who, well intentioned made the switch the other way!