Miners Statue for St Just

Posted on: 13th September 2014
Miners Statue for St Just

Help bring this 7 foot statue, designed by Colin Caffell, to our area

Miners Statue for St Just project needs a final bit of support to make the dream become a reality. The idea emerged many years ago that St Just-in-Penwith, a district famous for its mining heritage, should have a statue as a commemoration of the significance of the industry to the area and a memorial to those who gave their lives. Sadly one of the leaders of the project, Bernard Rees, died without his dream being realised and I feel it would be a fitting tribute to his memory too if it could at last come about.

Sculpture, Colin Caffell, is starting work on a clay figure to create the mold for the statue at the old ball-mill area at Geevor Tin Mine. This will enable people to see the project is underway and hopefully encourage some donations. I hope that people far and wide, associated with the mining industry and those who have left St Just for mining communities abroad, might come across their appeal and give money. Those who have stuck with the idea deserve a big boost as they enter the last phase of the journey. My hope is that someone, somewhere will have a significant amount of cash to donate to give this project a kick start for the final phase.

For more information about this project, to make a donation or to help with funding or fund-raising ideas to bring the project to completion, please contact Colin Caffell at westofeden@btconnect.com or Bev Strick, Secretary to the St Just and District Trust statue committee on 01736 787315.