Message to our youngsters getting A Level results

Posted on: 18th August 2016


Message to our youngsters getting A Level results from me is that whatever your results, today is the beginning not the end! Whilst truly hoping that most of you will be well chuffed and celebrating or at least thinking, “I did my best”, I know some will be deeply disappointed. Please, please, please do not be downhearted and do not give up on your dreams!

You have already got far beyond many people you might think of as successful. Made it without A levels. And whilst I should not think anyone will aspire to be like me, I gave up studying for A levels at the end of the first term but went back to education later and achieved a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), have worked as a Probation Officer, Prison Governor and ran my own business in Cornwall, teaching people to drive.

The most important thing, if you did not get the grades you wanted or need is to reflect and talk to people that know you well and can help you find a new route for your goal. Or, what about taking your A levels again next year? You’ll know exactly what to expect so will do better.

For those wanting some more independent advice and guidance then there is the National Careers Service. They can be contacted in confidence by telephone on a dedicated careers helpline 0800 100 900 or chat on line by following the link Careers advice.