Lots of Public Health Facts and Figures

Posted on: 11th November 2017

Lots of Public Health facts and figures were sent through to me as a Cornwall Councillor. There is the Cornwall wide, annual report and the West Penwith Public Health Profile.

I wish I could say I have read and digested them BUT, I have opened them and decided they looked too interesting to delete and that, at some stage in the future, they might be good reference documents for me or someone else! My initial thoughts are that they would be really good for projects going for significant grant applications or even to our Neighbourhood Planning.

Sad fact that jumped out at me is that the last 22 years of our lives we might not be living all that well! Mind you, those of us from St Just and Pendeen live longer than those in Penzance! All our St Just sunshine, you know, that missle  stuff, must be good for us after all.

Sadly the Cornwall Annual report is too big to put in as a pdf but I can share a link Cornwall Public Health Annual Report

West Penwith Public Health Profile 2017

I hope I will find the time to read them but at least by sharing them, you can all make best use of them or make sure I pay attention to things important for our community and Cornwall!