Looking for a project needing funding to try out our Crowdfunding partnership

Posted on: 18th November 2017

I’m keen to find a project needing funding to try out our Crowdfunding partnership in the St Just/ Pendeen areas.

Sue James, new Cornwall Cabinet Member

Calling community based projects with an idea it thinks the local community and/ or local businesses will want to back

I have put £1,000 of my Community Chest fund on to a Crowdfunder platform, supported by Cornwall Council. My hope is that projects will bid for the money, probably 2 – 4 projects and that the £1,000 will become at least £2,000 through Crowdfunding. This is a new idea and I really want an ambitious local project to give it a go so I can follow them through and by celebrating the first success we will be able to encourage more local donors to get involved and do more locally.

1.   In the first instance applicants should visit Crowdfunder Cornwall  where they will see the main Crowdfund Cornwall page.  Within this page there is information about Crowdfund Cornwall as well as links to the Community Chest Fund.

2.   The Community Chest Fund page contains extra information about the fund including the eligibility criteria and an online application form.  In addition there is a YouTube link and three guidance packs which help people understand the crowdfunding process, and how to set up a crowdfunding project.

3.   Applicants set up a project page which describes their project, states how much they are looking to raise and encourages people to make pledges in support.  The applicant can also complete a short application form to request my support via the Community Chest.  Once officers receive the application they will contact me to check I wish to support the project and ask how much I would like to pledge.

4.   If groups need additional support they can email support@crowdfunder.co.uk .


Grow Nature

Funding is now open for people in Cornwall to help our wildlife and Grow Nature!

Bude Community Orchard has become our first successful crowdfund project raising over £1100 already and now going for a stretch funding target to get in more money to do more! This project was supported by the Grow Nature Seed Fund .