Looking Back at COVID Rates in Cornwall

Posted on: 19th December 2020

Looking back at COVID rates in Cornwall, in pictures, might shed light on our being in Tier 1 and help readers make some judgements over their Christmas guest lists!

This image uses most recent COVID Infection data available to show how rates vary across Cornwall.

And then, less than a week later to 15 December the Government map shows less white (supressed levels of infection) down west and more blue (in the range of 100 -199/ 100,000 population).

This graph shows how COVID infection rates have risen and fallen in Cornwall, over time. It usefully shows lock down periods.


This looks at the measures Government and Health experts considered when making decisions to place Cornwall in Tier 1.

They say a picture is better than words so, I’ll leave it there with you.

Remember, any questions or concerns, Cornwall Council has a special email address: