Local Matters Around St Just and Pendeen

Posted on: 15th September 2017

Local matters around St Just and Pendeen have dominated my diary this week!

Monday night I attended a public meeting to once again consider the lack of burial places in Pendeen and enough people came forward to form a committee. Bev Strick, a Town Councillor who pushed tirelessly for the Miners’ Statue, now at Geevor gates, is going to act as secretary. I will make myself available as a link to Cornwall Council but will not serve on the committee so anyone wanting to get involved should contact Bev or Malcolm Early who many will know as being involved with the church cemetery.

Burial Plots Pendeen

Pendeen Cemetery is now in the process of closing

Wednesday night was a meeting about the St Just Recreation Ground. Many of our local young people came who are passionate about getting a replacement skate park. The current one is unsafe so most is in the process of being removed as it is beyond repair. Luckily there were some great adults present too with some impressive skills that could bring the costs down to design what is needed. There will be some serious fundraising and grant applications to make so people wanting to help, even if not wanting to be on the committee, should make themselves known to me. Sorry to local residents that had a bit of a panic over my poster, thinking the Council might be planning to sell it off and fearing a housing development or car park!

For those that missed the meeting about the recreation ground but that want to see the information presented, the slides can be viewed from the link below. The first slides show the unsafe condition of the skate park and the reason most has been removed. It is also clear that about £100,000 will be needed just to improve that part of the park and only £30,000 capital money is available. There are many grant possibilities but most funders will not accept Council applications so involving the community is essential whether for the skate park or wider equipment. St Just Rec pres 2017 full

Friday was a meeting about the Methodist Chapel. People will be aware of the amazing energy that David James (no relation) has been putting into not only keeping the doors open but a steady stream of people going through them. You might also be aware of the fundraising appeal he has launched. An earlier post (click the link) will give more information. An informal advisory partnership continues to meet to support David and his growing team of volunteers. The next steps are to create a Trust, secure some initial funding to do some essential repair work and develop a business plan for a sustainable future. This is along side the work being done to keep people entering the building and to continue with the ambitious £2m fundraising appeal.

St Just Methodist Chapel

St Just Methodist Chapel