Liberal Democrats take seat from Conservatives on Cornwall Council

Posted on: 16th April 2016

Liberal Democrats in Cornwall are celebrating after two impressive Cornwall Council by-election results.

Team Karen McHugh

Team Karen McHugh fight and win Wadebridge West for the LibDems

In Wadebridge West, Lib Dem candidate Karen McHugh was elected with 604 votes. The Conservatives came second in what was a shock defeat for them in a ward that had been held by their North Cornwall MP Scott Mann.

In the Menheniot division, Lib Dem candidate Charles Boney, increased the Lib Dem vote share by 11.6% and finished a close second place, missing out on victory by just 60 votes.

Vice-Chair of Cornwall Liberal Democrats, Cllr Sue James said: “To all those who wrote the Lib Dems off, here in Cornwall we have shown that we are still the only party that can stop Tories totally ruling our people with divisive and unfair policies. I look forward to Karen McHugh joining our team and know that Charles Boney will still fight for the people of the Menheniot ward, despite not quite taking the seat.”

Menheniot result

Election Candidate Party Votes %
Phil Seeva Conservative 532 41% Elected
Charles Robert Boney Liberal Democrat 472 36% Not elected
Duncan Charles Odgers UK Independence Party 177 13% Not elected
Martin Thomas Menear Labour 67 5% Not elected
Richard John Sedgley Green Party 65 5% Not elected

Wadebridge West result

Election Candidate Party Votes %
Karen McHugh Liberal Democrat 604 44% Elected
Sally Marie Dunn Conservative 356 26% Not elected
Adrian Darrell Jones Labour 222 16% Not elected
Helen Hyland Independent 111 8% Not elected
Amanda Pennington Green Party 95 7% Not elected