Liberal Democrats are Back in the West Country

Posted on: 21st July 2023

The Somerton and Frome by-election result yesterday shows that Liberal Democrats are back in the West Country! Like when we won the Tiverton and Honiton by-election, I, along with many other LibDems from around the country, went there to give our candidate, Sarah Dyke, a hand.

This was me on Polling Day, in Somerton and Frome, in my shorts and T-shirt BUT I’m sparing you the shorts!

I went to Somerton last Monday and spent many hours out delivering messages for our newest M.P, Sarah Dyke, over 2 and a half days. On the morning of Polling Day, I did a stint at the Polling station in Somerton, asking for voters polling numbers so we could cross them off our lists as people that had voted. I also gave a couple of hours to the task of knocking up – that is where we visit known and possible supporters to remind them to vote and ask whether they did or will actually vote for us. Gathering data on who our likely supporters are is vital so that we can ensure our supporters get to the polling station/ post their ballot papers, if a postal voter. Winners of elections are not just popular candidates but those that can motivate their supporters to actually put a cross on the ballot paper.

Some Somerton & Frome Campaign materials. I spent most of my time there finding the right door to put a specifically written and addressed letter from our candidate to the potential voter, through the right door.

I was surprised by how many whole streets, whether new or old, were just house names. Much more tricky to deliver than numbered streets.

An interesting Garden life sized ornament, in a front garden at Somerton & Frome

I will confess, as I began approaching the home with the horse in the garden, I did, until I got close up, think it was a live horse! Makes a change from garden Gnomes, I suppose!


MY POST DURING SOMERTON & FROME BY-ELECTION I wonder what he’s thinking now?

Finally, whilst approaching many doors around the constituency of Somerton & Frome, I spotted what I believe to be a moth but I cannot discover its name. Can you help me, as it it gorgeous?

Mystery moth….unless it’s a butterfly! Can you help name it?