Let’s help get vulnerable, Homeless people off the streets and safe – Let us work to prevent Homelessness too!

Posted on: 27th March 2020

Let’s help get vulnerable, Homeless people off the streets and safe, as you cannot self-isolate without a home. Cornwall Council normally works on this and has upped it’s game since the crisis. However, the Government, Friday afternoon issued an instruction for ALL rough sleepers to be off the street by the end of Sunday. Not aware of resources allocated and slight worry is what comes next? Police powers of arrest? Anyway, time to be positive cos the people of Cornwall are marvellous and will step up to assist!

Workable link to Cornwall Housing

If you see someone sleeping rough, please, please do not judge or walk by report them in as needing help through Streetlink by visiting www.streetlink.org.uk or by phoning them on 0300 500 0914. Streetlink will then inform our Outreach Team who can make contact with the person and offer them help and support to find accommodation. This is more urgent than ever before.

More housing and homelessness prevention advice here: Preventing Homelessness during COVID-19 Crisis The link might also be useful if you can offer to provide accommodation because you cannot take holiday makers at the moment. This is about saving lives!

So, we need to find, in the next 24 hours, accommodation for homeless people. The Council will be buying up places in hotels, caravan parks etc but I know they have been doing this to assist getting people out of hospital so going to be some difficult decisions on priorities.