Let’s Get Empty Properties Turned into Local Cornish Homes

Posted on: 7th January 2018

Let’s get empty properties turned into local Cornish homes. Like many parts of Cornwall, the St Just and Pendeen Communities have a need for good quality homes for people to rent but its difficult to get them built. So, lets make 2018 the year that we help owners of empty properties discover that there is help out there to get them back into use as homes.

If anyone reading this has a property they just cannot afford to turn into a home then this is what Cornwall Council offer to help.

The Council offers a range of assistance for owners of empty properties, including empty residential properties and empty non-residential properties that have valid planning permission for the required change of use, including:

  • Low cost loans scheme
  • Access to leasing schemes
  • Letter of evidence for VAT savings
  • Free Pre-application planning advice
  • Other advice about bringing empty properties back into habitable use.

If you know of a property that has not been lived in for a while (afraid 2nd homes don’t count) then it is open for you to report them in to the Council and then officers can make contact with the owner to find out why it is empty and strive to get it lived in.

It is easy to report empty properties on-line: Report Empty Homes in Cornwall or you can pick up a form from Council offices. I plan to make some available locally at the Town Council entrance lobby and the Centre of Pendeen.