Lafrowda Festival 2023

Posted on: 16th July 2023

Lafrowda Festival 2023 was an amazing success despite the weather. We have an amazing community that gets this planned and running smoothly.

You will find some amazing photographs on-line and possibly amongst the best are from photojournalist Greg Martin Lafrowda Festival 2023 in pictures

I did see many of you around on Lafrowda Saturday but have to confess my back was killing me and I did not manage to stay until the end so missed the Lantern parade which I always love.

Me as I went amongst the Lafrowda crowds, shaking the bucket for the Festival funds.

On behalf of the community of St Just and the Town Council I have to say a huge thank you to the Lafrowda Crew! I know they will only just about catch their breath before they are planning for next year. If you did not manage to donate on Saturday then visit their website and donate on-line Lafrowda Festival to Donate