Gone Wild for June

Posted on: 1st June 2018

Wild for June was part of the Wildlife Trusts #30DaysWild.

Wild Lawn

View from my kitchen window

As part of Cornwall Council’s commitment to Environmental Growth, I got the Council to sign up to 30 Days of random acts of wildness as promoted by the Wildlife Trust. Officers have come up with wonderful suggestions for each day of June.

Below is a list of ideas generated by the Council’s Environment team and some photo’s showing the highlights of my random acts of wildness! I did not always follow the suggestions.

Friday 1:

Go for a bug hunt outside your office

I went hunting for bugs at home and knew our sheep’s poo would host something!

Saturday 2:

Wake up early and listen to the dawn chorus

Sunday 3:

Make sure birds and wildlife have access to water by creating a mini-watering hole in your garden. Use a shallow container or even an upturned dustbin lid.

Monday 4:

Eat your lunch outside. Spot wildlife and listen out for birdsong.

Fellow Cabinet Member, Edwina Hannaford and I went for a picnic lunch at the community orchard at County Hall

Tuesday 5:

When you get home from work today, build a minibug hotel or log pile in your garden.

This was my impromptu (and rather feeble) attempt at a bug hotel! Later in the month, my daughter and son-in-law, for my birthday, started on a better one. Mind you, it is work in progress!

Wednesday 6:

Watch the sunset – if you’re lucky you might see some bats

Thursday 7:

If you are visiting the Royal Cornwall Show, why not visit the Cornwall Council stand and talk to the Environment team about ways you can help Grow Nature and reduce waste. Did you know there is also a special Conservation tent with lots of amazing wildlife experts and displays?

Friday 8:

If you’re working in Bodmin today, stop off at Bodmin Beacon Local Nature Reserve on your way back home.

Saturday 9:

Get outside for a walk today and see how many hedgerow species you can spot.

The challenge was to look at hedges but I felt this wall in the clarence street car park was rather spectacular!

Sunday 10:

Log on to the ‘Activities’ section of Cornwall Council’s Grow Nature webpages today for more ideas about how you can help grow nature.

Monday 11:

Set up a bird feeding station in your garden. Remember to keep it topped up with food.

For my 60th birthday I donated 3 Cornish apple trees to the orchard at County Hall

Tuesday 12:

If you’re working in Camborne today, head down to Tuckingmill Valley Park to check out the newly planted wet meadow area and woodland shrubs.

Wednesday 13:

Take a look outside today – is there space for you to plant some pollinator friendly plants at home?

Thursday 14:

If you’re based in NCH today, take a short lunchtime walk to Foxes Reserve.

Friday 15:

Take a closer look at common weeds today – see how many insects are found on brambles, dandelions, nettles and ragwort.

I made a trip to the Leat in Pendeen. The pond has become clogged with a different kind of weed!

Saturday 16:

It’s Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Big Wild Weekend: why not join one of their brilliant events which are happening all over Cornwall?

Sunday 17:

Join, or make a donation to, a wildlife or conservation charity.

Monday 18:

Refuse single-use plastics today – including cups, coffee cup lids, drink bottles, cutlery and packaging.

Tuesday 19;

Go outside for a small break today – download the guide and watch out for mini-beasts.

Wednesday 20:

Keep an eye out for hedgehogs this evening. Make sure they are able to roam freely outside by putting 13x13cm holes in or under your perimeter walls and fences. Read more.

Thursday 21:

It is Clean Air Day: Can you ditch the car and walk or get on your bike and cycle to work today? (see separate post on clean air day)

Whilst walking the dog I found a 6 spot barnet moth – not that I’m that clever but social media friends named it for me!

Friday 22:

Make your own fat balls and hang them up at home.

Saturday 23:

Visit your local pond today; feed the ducks and other wildlife with nuts and seeds (but never give them bread).

Our local Leat/ pond in need of a community group to love it!

Sunday 24:

If you’re part of a local group looking to do something for nature, follow the link and see if  you qualify for the Grow Nature Seed Fund.

Find out about the local funding for making space for nature projects

Monday 25:

Pick up any litter you find when you’re out and about today

Tuesday 26:

Try wild foraging this lunchtime – look out for docks and nettles which are great additions to soups, salads and broths. Make sure you know what you’re eating!

Wednesday 27:

Keep your eyes out for crows and other black birds today.

Thursday 28:

Go for a walk under the full moon tonight. Help nocturnal wildlife by reducing external lighting at home.

Friday 29:

Drop a couple of seed bombs on your way to work.

I did not do this as too dry for seeds to germinate! Instead a sunset.

Where we live!


Saturday 30:

Join up and volunteer with a local conservation charity.

I am already a member so instead a photo of a Hogweed Bonking Beetle!

A Hogweed Bonking Beetle, I am told!

Cornwall Council is supporting the ‘30 Days Wild’ campaign by producing a calendar of daily ideas and events which help staff and members reconnect with nature throughout June. Try as many of the suggested activities as you like – for information about events that friends and family can join go to Cornwall Wildlife Trust (www. cornwallwildlifetrust.org.uk/whats-on).

Go Wild for Cornwall!